Our Sessions

We offer group, semi-private and private sessions. Our studio is designed and laid out for the most powerful experience possible, we also offer breathwork at your location and virtual. Every session is guided and curated.


Guided breathwork to an elevated state of consciousness that fosters relaxation, stress relief, personal growth & self awareness.



Shamanic snuff blown into the nose. Rapid and Intense of being relaxed, calm yet aware & alert. It is a meditative aid, the mind quiets, emotions are released and negativity evaporates.


Breathwork & Hape

The power of Breathwork & Hape combined. An hour and a half of breathwork paired with hape. The most powerful experience you can have outside of the Amazon.


Virtual Breathwork

A deeply meditative one hour experience that reboots your mind and body and prepares you for life.


Private Sessions

A one on one or small group of your choice at your location or ours. One hour breathwork session crafted for your needs. 

$120 & Up

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