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Ten Years of Meditation in Two Hours

 Our Breathwork is a

Peak Experience

  • Mentally
  • Emotionally
  • Spiritually

 You can have all the benefits of being a meditation Grandmaster in minutes. Not years. 




About Our Breathwork Center

Our Breathwork practice is a massage for your mind and soul like doing ten years of therapy or meditation. A massage can be luxurious, stimulating, calming, relaxing, and soothing, or it can be a little challenging. Breathwork gives you the same relief in your mind that a massage gives your body. This relief allows you the space to optimize your life.

We all have brief moments of transcendence, a momentary feeling we are part of something greater.  It’s not a crazy thought. We all feel it. It’s a passing feeling your soul is missing a connection. 

Society’s cure for this ache is fame, fortune, travel, drugs, a prestigious degree or career, a nicer car or house or clothes to show off and keep up with the Joneses. And with each of those attempts the connection we are only slightly aware of slips further away.

Society’s advice on ‘success’ has misled us. 

The method used by is a powerful connection to the source of your magnificence.  

Don’t wait a decade to experience everything life has to offer you. 

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Wonderful people and an incredible experience. It’s amazing how powerful and healing your own breath can be! Truly like years of therapy in one session.

– Chris H

The class was memorable and very gratifying. I have never done breathwork in a formal setting before and enjoyed the subtle guidance during the beginning of the class and the music throughout the rest of the experience. I had no prior concept of what to expect or how the class would go. Initially it was unfamiliar but, eventually I experienced a new level of perception and was shocked to hear Jake announce the end of the class and that an hour had gone by….felt like maybe 15 or 20 minutes. I’ve already suggested it to friends and family.

– Jospeh P

This was my first breath work class and I was quite nervous but everyone made me feel really comfortable and the whole class was just really open. Everyone had good energy. I enjoyed being around them. I fully plan on going again.

– Faith K

Massage Your Mind. Free Your Life.


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