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“I just knew a complete sense of relief. The kind of relief you don’t even know you need. I was absolutely blown away by what I had just experienced.”

Jake Story:

I was in my mid 40s and from a distance look reasonably successful. But inside I felt like I was driving around with the parking brake on and trying harder just wasn’t getting me much. 

I felt like I was underperforming at life and it shouldn’t be this hard.

Something had to change. 

A friend who knew I was struggling insisted/nagged (for like a year) I should come try Breathwork. I’m sorry I’m a real world business man. I don’t have time for your crystals and super natural mumbo jumbo. I’m sure you guessed what happened next….I went to breathwork. 

IT WAS A LIFE CHANGING EXPERIENE. Like WTF just happened. I laughed, I cried, I unpacked years of self defeating behavior. One of the top 5 experiences of my life. It was a game changer and unlocked everything I was looking for in life so I could Thrive. 

I came back every week and tried to bring as many friends as I could. But it’s hard to explain what breathwork is like. It’s like explaining massage and saying you will be “relaxed” afterwards. There is so much more. 

Kim my partner (Life and Business) came with me early on. Here is her story. 


It took Jake about a year and a half to convince me to try Breathwork. When I did It. Was. Powerful.  

My body was arching up into the air and I was overcome with emotion. I was crying, but not just a tear or two. My entire body was sobbing and sweating and I didn’t even know why. I just knew a complete sense of relief. The kind of relief you don’t even know you need. I was absolutely blown away by what I had just experienced. 

Jake had a vision of sixty people doing breathwork together and Breath.Energy was born. Breath.Energy was open for 3-4 months and every week more and more people were coming and then…. Covid. As quickly as Breath.Energy was opened, it was closed. Then opened. Then closed again. Then opened…and closed. You get the idea, you lived through the pandemic. It was an emotional roller coaster if we were ever going to bring Breathwork to large groups of people. 

Jake wanted the most powerful experience possible for people and I wanted comfort and safety. Our studio brings that vision together.  

During breathwork we have encouraged our community express the deepest most unseen parts of who they are. To say this work has been rewarding is an understatement. I am eternally grateful for the space we hold which allows people to feel, release, and find the joy in their lives. 

Through breathwork I have found my motto of life. 

Love is ALWAYS the answer. 

Our Mission

Our Mission


Inspiration that you have a gift the world needs. If you are ready to thrive breathwork will help you live a life of alignment, integrity and self actualization. 

Clarity – Being clear on your priorities. It’s easy to get lost in the details of life. Breathwork brings you back to what is most important in your life. 

Wisdom – Is felt. Breathwork reconnects you to the source of Wisdom that is already with you. 

Community – Everyone who comes to breathwork is ready to Thrive. This creates an incredible community of people who are spiraling up in their life and ready to bring along everyone else. 

We provide a once in a life time experience that invigorates and empower people to be their best self and Thrive. The beauty is anyone can have a once in a life time experience every week. 

You are the center of the breathwork experience. 

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